line follower 2.jpgWelcome to the lego mindstorms leap camp! Our robots will be having sumo wrestler fights, speeding through mazes, throwing marshmallows, and making music!

We will be using the 9797 Lego Education Base Kit. Here's what the lego website says about our crazy lego robot builder:

This set enables students to build and program real-life robotic solutions. Includes the programmable NXT Brick, providing on-brick programming and data logging, three interactive servo motors, ultrasonic, sound, light and two touch sensors, a rechargeable battery, connecting cables, and full-colour building instructions.

Basic car building instructions link

Theme 1: Fundamentals of Robots and Programming with Mindstorms NXT

Theme 2: Escape The Maze


Theme 3: Sumo Bot Battles

Theme 4: Catapults and Trebuchets

Theme 5: Adventures in Art

Some extras include:
  • Drawing Bot: create a bot that can draw pretty pictures like the famous cartoon character linked here.
  • Useful Bot: make a bot that does something helpful, like pick up trash, sort lego bricks, or greet people at the door of wal-mart!
  • The Claw: learn how to use the Lego Digital Designer program to make a robot that can grab objects and move them around
  • Elite Level NXT Dragster: this is a really tricky build using lego digital designer. Either follow the design, or make your own dragster to race other dragster bots!
  • NXT Golf Bot
  • Other Extrasguitar hero.JPG

Useful Links


If LDD dies, try this:

How to fix "clicking brick syndrome": Clicking brick problem