pure_substances.jpgHere is an overview of the different units for the year, with a basic description of what we'll be doing.

Click on the unit title to see more detailed information, including handouts, assignments and labs.

1. Interactions in the Environment
  • ecosystems
  • quadrat study
  • ecological disaster recovery study

2. Pure Substances and Mixtures
  • particle theory
  • physical characteristics of matter
  • separating mixtures

3. The Tech Lab (Also Known As The Wood Shop)
  • general safety information
  • power tools safety information
  • safety stick and picture pencil holder projects

4. Structures - Form and Function
  • form and function of structures
  • failure points, ergonomics
  • frame, solid and shell structures
  • arches, trusses, beams and more!
  • building a water tower in the tech shop

5. Heat
  • heat and particle theory
  • evaporation, condensation, expansion and contraction
  • conduction, convection and radiation
  • building a thermos through use of insulators

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