A list of PyCharmers will be kept here with the handles of students that complete Python challenges at KWBS.

PYCH Elite Level 1 Unlocked: Star, Snowflake and Clock Complete!

  1. EL the Magnificent
  2. CG the Glorious
  3. LC the Phenomenal
  4. A the Superior and Amazingly Awesome Supremely Perfect Being
  5. KK the Conquering Force of Incredible Fantasticosity
  6. EC the Ultimate Boss
  7. I.G.O.R. the Igorific (his real name is definitely Igor)
  8. JM the Mysteriously Phrenetic
  9. LO the Crazy Good at Programming Person
  10. AG the Worst of the Best

PYCH Ultra-Elite Level 2 Unlocked: Character Input, Odd or Even, List < 10, Divisors, and Fibbonacci Complete!